What is Lychee?

Lychee is an advice column for the South Asian diaspora, that nebulous, non-monolithic demographic that invariably gets clumped together as singular outside of the region despite its diversities.

The advice column is an experiment to see if some of these issues can be resolved by speaking about them in an anonymous safe space.

Think of our caste, religious, and nationality divisions that make industries like tech seem friendly to South Asians, when in fact these jobs are dominated by one type of person — Hindu, Indian, upper caste. Or the stats that show Indians as some of the highest-earning minorities in America — and one of the fastest growing groups of undocumented people.

And think of all that we have in common. Arranged marriages. Antiquated gender norms. Obsessions with straight hair, skin lightening products, light eyes.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading.

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Meghna Rao

writer with multiple heads, like a hydra. read more: www.meghna-rao.com